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Les activités de recherche, développement et ingénierie de Nalco Champion couvrent l'ensemble de l'industrie pétrolière, des opérations de forage et de stimulation aux activités de production des champs de pétrole en passant par le raffinage en aval, les additifs pour carburant et les procédés de pétrochimie. Nos documents et présentations exposent une pensée pratique qui aidera nos clients à prévoir, prévenir et résoudre les problèmes de production d'hydrocarbures et de traitement de l'eau.

Documents et présentations 2015

En aval

  • Light tight oil crude unit fouling root causes and troubleshooting; Processing Shale Feedstocks 2015, p. 19-22
  • Petrochemical Tank Cleaning; Hydrocarbon Engineering, février 2015, p. 96
  • Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide in the Ethylene Plant Caustic Tower; 27th Annual Ethylene Producers Conference
  • Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide in the Ethylene Plant Caustic Tower; AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)
  • Wax Dispersants for Tight Oils; IASH 2015 (International Symposium on Stability, Handling and Use of Liquid Fuels)

En amont

  • Accelerated Stainless Steel 316L Material Compatibility Assessment of Chemical Products using Potentiodynamic Polarisation; NACE CORROSION 2015
  • Application of Advanced Mass Spectroscopy Techniques for Improved Scale Management in Conventional and Sub-Sea Fields; SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry
  • Assessment of Formation Damage Potential of Corrosion Inhibitor Squeeze Applications; RSC Chemistry in the Oil Industry
  • CDG in a Heterogeneous Fluvial Reservoir in Argentina: Pilot and Field Expansion Evaluation; SPE Asia Pacific Enhanced Oil Recovery Conference
  • The Challenge of Managing Downhole and Scale Squeeze Inhibitor Residual Monitoring Within Offshore Production Wells, Varg Field, Norway; Tekna, Geilo
  • Chemical Sand Consolidation as a Failed Gravel Pack Sand-Control Remediation on Handil Field, Indonesia; SPE European Formation Damage Conference
  • Control of Metal Sulfide Deposits in Geothermal Binary Systems; International Water Conference
  • Corrosion Mitigation of Carbon Steel Pipeline in Oil Sands; International Water Conference
  • Creating Zonal Isolation Using a Tunable Multipurpose Lost Circulation Material ; SPE Environmental Stewardship in Oil and Gas Development Workshop
  • Development of a Novel Biofilm Testing Method.; document de SPE International
  • Development of Novel Combination Corrosion Inhibitor & Foamer and Novel Hydrocarbon Foamer; SPE Gas Well Deliquification Workshop: Maximise Recovery of Gas Fields, 14 octobre 2015
  • Development of a Very Low Peroxide Containing Peracid Formulation As Superior Treatment Option for Water Reuse Applications; documents de SPE International
  • Don't just blame the SRBs and APBs for MIC; documents de NACE International
  • Enhancing Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Retention; RSC Chemistry in the Oil Industry
  • Evaluation of preservative chemistries to control microbial activity during well completion and minimize long-term microbiologically-influenced corrosion in unconventional oil and gas production systems; documents de NACE International
  • High Temperature-and- Salinity-Tolerant Surfactants in Fracturing Fluids for Enhanced Cleanup and Production ; Petrophase 2015
  • Identification of Calcium Naphthenate Deposition in South American Oil Fields; Energy & Fuels 29(4) 2342-2350
  • Interfacial Tension and Compressibility of Heavy Oil-Aqueous Systems at Elevated Temperatures; 106th AOCS Annual Meeting
  • Investigating the Use of Electrochemical Techniques as Tools to Evaluate the Pitting Resistance of Stainless Steel 304 Tank Metallurgy in Contact With Neat Chemical Products; EUROCORR 2015
  • Laboratory Studies on Fluid-Recovery Enhancement and Mitigation of Phase Trapping by Use of Microemulsion in Gas Sandstone Formations; SPE Production & Operations, p. 1-13 (2015)
  • Mechanisms of Environmentally Acceptable Inhibitors for Zinc Sulphide Inhibition; SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry
  • Misapplication of Solids Control Chemistries May Stress Microbes Towards Dormancy; document de SPE International
  • New Generation Chemical Cleaning Program for SAGD Produced Water Evaporators; International Water Conference
  • Non-aqueous vs Aqueous Overflush Scale Inhibitor Squeezing in the ENI Norge Goliat Field; Tekna, Geilo
  • Packed-bed Microreactors for Understanding of the Dissolution Kinetics of Asphaltenes in Porous Media; Petrophase 2015
  • Reservoir Simulation and Near-Well Bore Modelling to Aid Scale Management in a Low Temperature Development with Multilateral Wells; SPE International Symposium on Oilfield Chemistry
  • Role of Water on the Precipitation and Deposition of Asphaltenes in Packed-Bed Microreactors; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54(16)4103-4112
  • Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatment Design in an Acid Stimulated Carbonate Reservoir; SPE European Formation Damage Conference
  • Silicate Deposit Control in Thermal Recovery Units; International Water Conference
  • Surface Energy and Surfactant Adhesion for North American Shales; Petrophase 2015
  • Tackling Corrosion; Oilfield Technology
  • Visualization and Quantification of Biofilm Removal for the Mitigation of MIC; document de NACE International